Thursday, September 26

Crafty Bastards is this weekend!

I'll be hawking my wares this Sunday, September 29 in booth 115 from 10AM - 5PM. Only $5 to get in if you buy your tickets online by the end of the day Friday (the price doubles at the door). It's the largest handmade craft fair in the Mid-Atlantic. Obviously, you'll be there, right?

I've been finishing some last-minute ideas up in the studio this week to have old favorites and new designs ready for the event. Come see in person some new pieces like these travel-inspired hand-drawn Gocco prints!

Gocco prints drying by Melissa of craftgasm |

Union Market, DC
Sunday, 9/29
Booth 115

Tuesday, September 10

Analog's grand opening!

I've been busy behind the scenes prepping Analog for its grand opening this past weekend, but I have survived! And I've only minorly injured myself a few times. Success!

Analog at Monroe Street Market in Brookland, Washington, DC
Analog, open for business on its grand opening.
Tons of people came through this weekend, helped by some kind blogs who put out the word for us. Lisa and I are excited to have such enthusiastic neighbors in Brookland.

Fabulous friends who've donated their labor or items from their basements to get us up and running. Dan deserves a special shout-out for living with all my craft stuff in our house for so long and putting up with my ups and downs of this process so nicely. I love that man.
 We had a small gathering before our grand opening to thank our friends and family who've been so supportive of us in this venture. My grandparents and my little cousin Amanda even came from upstate New York to join us (and my grandma brought us cookies, because she's awesome). 

My cousin Amanda and I.
All of this is to say: we are officially open for business! Our hours are Thursday - Saturday, 12-7pm, and Sunday, 12-6pm. Swing by the Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market to check us out and see all the other studios that are beginning to open their doors. 


Friday, September 6

Analog's getting some love!

Pretty psyched to have the following press mentions before we even open our doors!

- Elevation DC asked us some questions about our new venture for their article about our grand opening.  (Thanks, Jeanne!)

- Prince of Petworth and Brookland Bridge chatted us up on their blogs this week. Yay!

- The winner, though, is this video taken by the Washington Business Journal, which has my face being all "whaaaa?" in the preview, with the added bonus of us not knowing we'd be interviewed on camera. Hello, painting clothes and messy hair! (I hold Ms. Cooper harmless in this, for the record.)