Tuesday, February 3

Accessories Of Old

I am going to alert you right now that this post is going to consist entirely of pictures from my Saturday trip to Accessories of Old. Side effects may include jealousy, moaning, and the repeated urge to craft. You have been warned.

They have a wall FULL of buttons. It was amazing.

Vintage barrettes!

For someone who doesn't do a whole lot with her long hair, I sure did take a lot of photos of the hair accessories.

Lisa, the shop's owner, has very smartly bagged up variety packs from which customers can choose. The pretty scrapbook paper in the background is the main color of items in the package. They include a combination of all sorts of things, like a length of lace, various buttons, and ribbons. All vintage, of course. (I snagged a package of two different colors of sunny yellow velvet ribbon.)

Vintage trim, still wrapped on its original package. How cute are those little printed faces?

Lovely gift tags for that lovely person for whom you are buying gifts at Accessories of Old.


EllieRichellie said...

Holy Hannah. I think the woman (on the little package) in the third picture is having a craftgasm.

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

Ellie, I think you might be entirely accurate on that.

Erin said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I wish I could go to this store. wow! The wall of buttons would make me cry.

BululuStudio said...

LOL I love the side effects thing

Beaky said...

I think I just had a craftgasm!!! I want to go to this shop, but will have to just browse the online shop. Thanks for sharing this.
Bonita x