Saturday, February 12

Vintage Valentines

I picked these up a few months ago, intending to send them out for Valentine's Day. Instead I forgot about them until this week, meaning only one (a duplicate) found its way to anyone. To make up for it, I'm going to share them here with you.

You can find all seven designs here, available for you to download and use in any medium you like. There's a dragon one that came with these that I don't think is quite as vintage as the rest, but otherwise, they're all a similar style to this little lady. Fit four on a sheet of cardstock and they'd be perfect as last minute Valentines for a classroom -- or anyone you'll be seeing on Monday.

If you use them in your own design, please share a picture of it - I'd love to see how it turns out!

(Of course, I'd appreciate if you continued to keep them free and available and didn't sell them. That would be kind of crappy of you.)


Sebastian said...

Wow! They're cool, and surprisingly... punerific!

The dragon one is particularly cute. (Dragons were pretty popular back in the 70s and 80s I think, thanks to D&D, Eddings, Brooks, and a few others.)

I haven't seen many modern-day Valentine cards, so I can't really compare -- are they more complex? Or are they still full of puns? :P

Anonymous said...

love love love the blog. your shop makes me homesick for DC -- the cityscape, the berrion mary badges.

i'm wondering if you have any advice on what kind of cheap manual label paster, ie., a machine that applies adhesive to found papers for making them into stickers/labels/envelopes? yours are so beautiful.

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

@Sebastian, they're generally still punderful, at least the ones for kids (which these were originally; there are little slits that will pop open on these to let you slip a lollipop in them). Dan almost got the dragon one specifically because he also believes that everything is better with a dragon.

@purejuice Thanks for visiting and for the compliment! I'd miss DC, too, if I weren't here. :)

I've found the Xyron is the least messy and the easiest to operate, though it can get pricey if you're not careful to use all the available space on your label tape. However, Michael's and AC Moore usually post some sort of 40% coupon in the paper on Sundays, and sometimes in the circular near the front door as you walk in. That helps cut the costs down to more reasonable rates. :) Good luck, and let me know how it goes when you use it for your next project!

Bruno said...

hi melissa,
i sent you a letter a while ago and i just want to know if you really got it. nice blog by the way!

have a good mail day!

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

@Bruno: Not yet! Hopefully it'll arrive soon. Thanks for swinging by and commenting!