Wednesday, April 10

Cherry Blossom Bliss

cherry blossom photo by Dan Malouff |
Photo by Dan | BeyondDC
Cherry Blossom Season (yes, all capitalized) in my mind is one of the best things about living in the District. I coaxed Dan into leaving the office early to hang out along the Tidal Basin this afternoon, where the temperature was a good ten degrees cooler than in the rest of the city. We spread a sheet out and just lounged about, read books, wrote letters, and people-watched.

"Wouldn't it be great if we could just get everyone we liked here at the same time?" I asked.

I thought the weekend would be crowded, but doable. However, a check of the weather forecast shows it is going to rain on Friday. Rain usually takes out a good chunk of remaining cherry blossoms (I'm looking at you, early spring storms of 2011). The forecast adds a bit of urgency to the timeline.

So! Come hang out Wednesday, April 10, between 2pm and sunset under the peak cherry blossom canopy. Bring a blanket, a snack, and something to occupy yourself (drawing, stationery, reading, knitting, or whatever -- I can't be expected to entertain you the whole time), and hang out with other cool DC folk. I've made a map of the approximate location I plan to lay claim to, so just go and yell if you can't find me. Feel free to bring a friend!

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