Monday, May 20

Artisphere Workshop Wrap-Up

The mail art workshop at Artisphere was a success! There was a roomful of people making awesome mail to send out to friends and loved ones.

I just wanted to share some of the fun pieces that participants were willing to share with my crappy cell phone camera.

mail art by melydia at the craftgasm artisphere workshop

I finally got to meet @melydia, who made these two pieces among others; the envelope was to our mutual friend and fellow mail artist, Mary.

mail art by Mame at the craftgasm artisphere workshop

mail art by Mame at the craftgasm artisphere workshop

A lovely woman named Mame made short work of the above pieces. She built up quite the stationery hoard for herself in just a couple hours!

mail art by Other Melissa at the craftgasm artisphere workshop

Melissa (not me) made these envelopes and cards with very precise lines before our classroom time was up.

mail art by Dan at the craftgasm artisphere workshop

Dan surprised me by being able to attend when I wasn't expecting him. He and Beth of Tigerflight mostly just sat in the back and made fun of each other, so I was not surprised to see that these seem to be addressed as primarily in-jokes with her. I was also not surprised to see a naked form on there.

Many thanks to the lovely folks at Artisphere, especially Katherine, who helped move the event when its first location was overrun by people from the neighboring space, and who were kind and gracious enough to have us there.

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uncustomary said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time. I got my awesome piece from Kate and shared it on my Monday Mailings post today. Hope you do another workshop eventually!