Thursday, November 20

The Lovely "Lovely Design"

I planned for my next post to be about my ridiculously cute (if I do say so myself) stationery sets made from repurposed materials, but a troublesome camera and much more exciting news precludes that: Lovely Sharilyn of Lovely Design once again has her journey books in stock! For a long while, the only thing in stock has been the address file cards (which have totally been inspiring me; more on that later) because she's been busy raising her daughter, but we all benefit from these lovelies being back in her store. They're not going to last long, so if you want one, get it while you can!

She also writes a well-photographed blog; whenever it's updated, it's the best part of my blog-reading that day. Check it out!

I will update soon on the new-old stationery, I swear this time!

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