Saturday, November 8

Weekend plans?

I first discovered the art of sprucing up vintage suitcases at the recent Crafty Bastards event that Washington City Paper sponsors. (I've been to all of the Crafty Bastards events since I moved here three or four years ago, and can highly recommend them.) Final Approach had a booth there and I fell in love with their stenciling and designing of the hard-sided suitcases. As a kid, I remember our family had a set of light blue hard-sided cases, and theirs just brought back memories of packing those up for trips to my grandparents' lake cabin. I adore their (sadly already-sold) Abe Lincoln one.

Turns out they are not the only ones making adorably painted suitcases for a living. Another place I found on Etsy was GreyBrocket's shop. This deer suitcase is begging to come home to me, but I'm trying to cut down on spending on myself before the holidays. Perhaps he'll prance over to your house? And GetReadySetGo is the designer of the adorable birdies on the little blue suitcase. They were just made for weekend getaways.

I'm trying to buy most of the holiday gifts (that I don't make myself) on Etsy or in thrift stores. There's so much cute stuff that already exists that it seems pointless to add to the craziness by buying brand-new corporate crap for people.


Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah!!! I'm wiping the drool off my keyboard.. staring too hard at the weekend getaway suitcases. Looking forward to more from Craftgasm. I'm jealous that you thought of using bus timetables for wrap: very clever!!

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

I recently found out that a warehouse manager in my department had to throw out hundreds of thousands of bus timetables when there were schedule changes that rendered them obsolete. I'm so sad about it; if only I'd known beforehand, I would have gladly helped him freecycle them as wrapping paper sheets -- and used some for myself!