Monday, September 10

postal products

Benita of Chez Larsson put a post up on Friday that immediately caught my eye.  See if you can guess the reason:

Has the USPS ever issued posters of their old stamps?  I can think of several that I'd love in poster form.  Right now, I have to settle for framing the blocks of stamps themselves.

While we're at it, here are some Royal Mail products that I own and love:

 First Class Machin mug, available in several other color schemes:


First Class Chef oven mitt, available in one other color scheme:

I feel like other countries do marketing and sale of products featuring their postal service better than we do; I'm not sure, however, if it's that the USPS is just bad at it, or if it's that they're not allowed by Congress to do so.  The way our postal system is set up is so flawed for the world we actually live in.  I love them and want them to flourish, and they're so stymied by such ridiculous rules.

Any other well-designed postal products that I ought to know about?


amber said...

Did you see this article referenced on the LWA blog?

If you scroll through the pictures of the shop that is featured, there is a wall of blown up postage stamps used as posters. How cool is that!?! I wonder if that is something one could DIY? I LOVE the look!

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

Amber, I did spot both the article and the postage decor, and loved them both. :) Now, I just need more walls in this apartment...

Joe Geronimo said...

USPS has just released a poster for the new Lincoln Stamp due out January 2013. It is awesome!