Thursday, January 15

50+ and counting!

I was so happy to watch my hearts climb upward last night, reaching 50 shortly after midnight (Eastern time, that is). I went to bed super-excited.

So imagine how thrilled I was to wake up and see that people had continued adding me to their faves even after the goal was reached! I'm currently at 52 -- and of course, always welcome more hearts! Thank you so much for your support.

As promised, to celebrate I'm going to host a giveaway of a handmade product of mine. I have been getting feedback about the Recycled Stationery Letter Sets --people love the maps and want more of them in the package. The map envelopes are time consuming to cut, so to keep costs down for customers, I had only included one map envelope in each packet, and used reclaimed envelopes for the rest of the set. But so many people have found the letter sets while searching for maps that I am going to split the product line. There will be a set with all map envelopes and blank labels, and then a set with all reclaimed envelopes with handmade map stickers at a lower price point. This will more accurately reflect the skill and time that go into making each letter set.

I'll be repackaging all of the letter sets this weekend to reflect the change, and I'll post here once they're live in my Etsy shop. However, one lucky commenter will be able to get the very first revamped set! If you want to play, leave a comment here with either a) your re-use resolution for 2009, or b) why you like something in my Etsy shop, along with a bot-proof email address to reach you. (While not required, you are more than welcome to pimp my giveaway on your own blog, linking back to this post.) To celebrate the United States' new beginning along with the new beginning of the Recycled Stationery Letter Sets, comments will have to be received by 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, January 20th. I'll use the scientific method of putting the entries in a box on Wednesday and pull one out. The winner will be posted here (maybe along with some pictures I take at Inauguration?), so tune in!

And, of course, if you want to heart craftgasm you are still more than welcome to do so. ;)


jaime said...

yay you!

can i just say that the recycled stationary is my favorite because: i date a super-gute cartographer - what better to write him sappy letters on?

jaime (punctuation) fearer (at) teh googles

Christina said...

I like stuff and you know me. Therefore, yes. I should win things. kestrel127 at gmail dot pants

Ashley McFarland said...

me me! oh pick me! :)
my re-use goal for 09 is to make this!


Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

That cat scratcher is fabulous, Ashley! The painted colors on the side look like painted beach wood that I've seen in gift shops before as frames and tables and such. :)

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

Jaime, I hadn't thought about cartographer love letters before -- a small but dedicated niche market. ;)

Emily said...

Hey, {craftgasm}, would you like a shoebox full of maps? I have too many. -E.A., y'know, {at} teh gmeil.

Ashley McFarland said...

isn't it ridiculously cute?! that was my first thought when i saw the painted sides, too! flipflops and boardwalks :)

marina said...

i LOVE the recycled stationery, what a clever idea! babaialainn at gmail dot com