Friday, January 30

My first Treasury!

I rarely look at Etsy Treasuries because they're just SO overwhelming. To have the usual 400+ lists of 12-16 items each is a little more stimulation than my feeble mind can take. (Plus, I would never get any work done!) But I happened to pop in there this afternoon, and there were 335 lists, and it needed to drop only below 333 to snatch one up.

My thought process (which often resembles a conversation among very good friends) was something like this:

"No way."
"Are you f[lipp]ing serious?"
"Refresh, refresh. It must be a mistake."
"I am refreshing, chill out!"
"OK, OK."
"Well lookit that. It's for real. For real-for real."
"So what the hell are we going to post?"
"Sh[oo]t, we have to do that first, don't we?"
"Add some fellow EcoEtsy teammates' stuff, obvi."
"Well, duh. But a theme, a theme! My kingdom for a theme!"
"Go with what you know."

Which, my friends, is why I have a map-themed Treasury over at Etsy right now. I included items that were just plain gorgeous as well ones that had maps of places near and dear to my heart (New York, Florida, and of course, DC). Enjoy!

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