Thursday, January 22

And the winner is,,,

I fully intended to post the winner of the celebratory-hearts drawing yesterday, but I was a little derailed by spending the afternoon with 399 of my closest friends at the White House, hanging out with my new BFF Michelle. (Yes, for real. It was awesome.)

So, a day late, I'd like to announce that Ashley M. is the winner, as determined by the scientific hat-pull performed by my coworker! Congrats, Ashley.

The rest of you need not despair, however. From now until the end of the month of January, put "Happy Inauguration!" in the notes to seller and receive 20% off your order! After receiving payment, I'll issue the discount back through PayPal.



EllieRichellie said...

For real? All I can say is. . WOW. What a fantastic day to be a part of.

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

For real. It was amazing! They had a lottery for locals who had volunteered or otherwise got on the campaign list, and held the open house on his first full day. They've apparently already reversed the no photography and no walk-up visitors policies of the previous administration, too, so everyone can go see the place now! (I'm pretty sure not everyone will get to meet Michelle, though. ;))

Anyway, I figured that was a worthy-enough reason to not get to posting the winner exactly on time.

Ashley McFarland said...

YAY! :)
And in a bold move, Courtney and I have begun our own Etsy shop. Check us out at
We'll have some pretty, pretty items up for sale starting February 1st!

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

That's excellent news, Ashley! I told you it'd be a good idea. I am hereby taking full responsibility for any success it has.