Wednesday, April 22

Happy Earth Day!

I'm totally ganking and re-adapting Sara (from Girls Can Tell)'s idea for today's post. In honor of Earth Day, post your favorite eco-friendly shop in the comments. You can decide its eco-friendly-ness in whatever way you want -- using recycled materials, making a product that helps you create less waste, or making old things new again are all good definitions. You can give us a link to your own shop, but only if it meets the eco-friendly requirement AND if you link to another shop that is not yours that also is Earth-friendly. It's all about the community-building, folks. Spread the love! (To help you get started, here's a link to all tagged items from Team EcoEtsy members.)

One of my favorite shops for perusal is Chakra Pennywhistle, where you can find reclaimed fabrics made into sweet pillows like this one below. She's also a fellow Team EcoEtsy member like me, so that gives her some bonus points.

Lastly, in celebration of Earth Day, I'm offering a 20% discount on any item in the {craftgasm} Etsy shop! You have to order by the end of the day (I'm defining "end of the day" loosely -- just make sure the order is in before I wake up on Thursday morning), and in the "notes to seller" box at checkout, tell me your favorite eco-friendly tip. I may share the best tips here in the blog with a link back to whatever URL you'd like, so make 'em good!

I can't wait to see all the Earth-happy goodness you'll put in the comments!


Natalie said...

Well here is my shop to share I am having an earth day sale on all April you get 20% of all items in my store !
A specially check out this listing in my store.

Here is a favorite store of mine
Have a happy earth day all!

lizet frijters said...

I really love the shop of dinnertimechimes:

My shop is: and I use organic merino wool and natural dyes for my felt, as well as sometimes recycled fabrics.
Thanks for starting this post.

bluemoon147. Papers e co. said...

Hi. My shop is Papers E-co. I make jewelry out of recycled materials. I am having an Earth Day sale: $5 off anything $20 and above.

I love this shop: